• Jan312019

    Infographic: The Demographic Differences Between Designers, SEOs and Copywriters (According to Facebook Data)

    As a company that prints premium and thick business cards, we deal with lots of graphic designers and marketing agencies.…

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  • Dec282018

    How to Design Unique Business Cards for Tech Startups: Seven Designers Weigh In

    For tech and startup companies, the exchange of business cards isn’t so much about providing one’s contact information; it’s about…

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  • Dec032018

    How These Four Square Business Card Designs Are Standing Out

    The whole point of handing out a business card is to be remembered. When spending time in business and networking…

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  • Nov012018

    Eight Eye-Popping Red Painted Edge Business Cards

    Our customers are always pushing the limits of what a business card can do. And with a thick business card,…

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  • Sep282018

    Six Designers On Their Thick Postcard Designs

    A thick business card stands out, but thick postcards are even rarer as a differentiating mark of quality and attention…

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  • Aug302018

    Why Real Estate Agents Are Choosing Thick Business Cards With Edge Color

    In the competitive world of real estate, agents are always searching for that little extra something to put them over…

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  • Jul312018

    Design Inspiration: Seven Creative Agencies and Designers Using Thick Business Cards to Market Themselves

    When it comes to graphic designers, marketers and creative agencies marketing themselves, the cobblers children often go barefoot, right? You’re…

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  • Jul022018

    The Graphic Designer’s Guide to Making Strong Food & Beverage Business Cards

    Branding and designing logos for a food or beverage-related business is more than just picking a font and some nice…

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  • Jun012018

    Ten NY Startups Working at Former IBM Campuses

    We are THikit, an e-commerce print shop that moved from the NYC area to Kingston in 2015. As you can…

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  • May232018

    Making An Impression With Soft Touch Business Cards

    Soft touch printing can add an extra high-end tactile note to a well-designed business card. Its resistance to smudges and fingerprints…

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