Soft Touch Cards and Silk Laminated

We Print Soft Touch & Silk Laminated

• Soft-Touch: Velvet like finish. Unique feel & Super Thick.

• Silk Laminated: Super smooth Matte finish.

• Add Edge-color for additional level of detail.

• Tear proof, water resistant. Our most durable cards.

• Custom Sizes available. Click Here to Email.

Soft-touch feels like velvet in your hands. Silk is also soft to the touch though super smooth with a matte finish. Both are laminates applied our thick papers after printing, offering a durable, tear proof and water resistant card. We now offer these laminated cards in a variety of thickness options. Click on the links below to start your order. Want to feel them first, not a problem, just Click Here to order our THikit Sample Kit.

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Print any size business card you want, from standard U.S. size (3.5″ x 2″) to international standard sizes and our range of square sizes from 2″ x 2″ to 3″ x 3″. We also offer Custom Size Business Cards, where you can print just about any specific size you want.

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