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Unique Invitations with Edge-Color
Premium Thickness (ranging from 20-36pt)



Premium & Classic: Our Two Thickness options

• Premium (20-36pt) -about the thickness of a credit card.

• Classic (11-18pt) -less thick, though still thicker than standard.

Our “PREMIUM” thick papers, formerly known as “Extra-thick” are 2x, some even 3x thicker than a standard postcard. We offer a variety of finishes from Smooth to Heavily Textured, 100% Recycled to Pearlized Metallic, Linen texture to Recycled brown kraft papers and Gloss or Silk Coated. Add Edge-Color where we paint the edges of the cards, for a truly unique printed piece.

To get a true sense of our products, you really need to hold them in your hands, which is why we offer a Sample Kit that includes all our available papers. Oh and we also offer Free Shipping on all Orders.

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Click Here for complete Guideline on our Premium & Classic Thick Papers
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Which Paper is Best for You?

Classic Crest: Smooth Uncoated

If you want a smooth matte uncoated paper, then you want to look at our Neenah Classic Crest which comes in a Solar White (very bright white) and a Natural White (off-white) -or- Finch Smooth which is a very smooth, almost slick Bright White sheet. Both handle ink very well. The Classic Crest is a bit thicker and more dense in terms of the paper fibers. Neenah Classic Crest is one of the more popular paper brands in the market and has been for many years.

square business card, classic crest solar white

35pt. Classic Crest Solar White

Superfine Eggshell: Wove Texture

If you want a subtle wove texture, then you want to look at our Mohawk Superfine Eggshell which comes in Ultra White (very bright white) and White (which is a slightly softer white, think ‘pearl white’. Superfine Eggshell is one of the most popular papers if you want a classic, elegant look this is the paper you want to consider. In terms of texture, if you take a close look at an actual eggshell, the finish on these papers is similar to that texture (hence the name).

Mohawk Superfine Eggshell

36pt. Mohawk Superfine Eggshell White

Recycled (Kraft) Papers

If you are looking for an eco-friendly paper, our Kraft and PC100 papers from the Neenah Environment line are a great choice. The kraft papers are available in two shades: Desert Storm (light brown which shows the flecks and fibers of the paper) is 100% Post Consumer and Grocer Kraft (darker brown similar to brown kraft wrapping paper) which is 30% Post Consumer. Both papers handle print beautifully, though one thing to keep in mind when printing on our Kraft papers: all commercial printing inks have some translucency so the brighter colors will be slightly dulled with the color of the paper showing through a bit.

Also from the Environment line, we have PC100 White (bright white) and PC100 Natural (off-white). As you can guess from their name, they are both 100% Post Consumer papers.

kraft business cards

Grocer Kraft & Desert Storm recycled cards

Finch Smooth: Our Most Economical

Our Premium papers (20-36pt) are significantly thicker than our Classic papers (11-18pt) and, as a result, are a bit more expensive. If you are looking for the super thick but want a cost-effective stock, have a look at the three options we offer in Finch Smooth: Bright White. The 20pt. is the least thick of our Premium papers, though still does feel considerably thicker than a standard business card. Finch is a very smooth, almost slick card. All three weights (20pt, 24pt and 32pt) are very popular with our customers.

Another cost-effective option is our Silk or Gloss Coated papers, which are very smooth and have a coating similar to a nice magazine or coffee-table book.

All our Premium papers also available in the Classic thickness. Some customers opt to print the more important C-suite staffers with Premium and go with the matching Classic thickness for the general staff.

Extra-thick business cards

32pt. Finch Smooth: Bright White

Via Felt: Our Heaviest Textured Paper

Our heaviest textured stock is our Via Felt which is similar to a cold-pressed watercolor paper. The paper is treated to handle ink very well and some of our customers have successfully printed photographic images on this paper. You really have to see this paper to fully understand the texture (see pics below).

Via Felt, Textured Business Cards

33pt. Mohawk Via Felt Bright White

Esse Pearlized: Paper with Metallic Sheen

Our Esse Pearlized papers have a metallic sheen created using natural pigments that do not employ foils or metals. The result is a reflective pearlized smooth surface that handles ink very well. Available in ‘White’ (bright white) and ‘Latte’ (cream color). Keep in mind that all commercial printing inks have some translucency, so even if you print a solid color of ink on these papers, the pearlized effect still shines through.

pearlized business card, metallic sheen business card

25pt. Esse Pearlized White

thick postcards

Why You Should go with Edge Color Postcards

Once you hold an edge-color Premium thick postcard in your hand, you will never look at a standard postcard thickness the same. This is what we keep hearing from our customers and we feel the same way ourselves. With our variety of super thick papers and endless possibilities for painting on the edges of your card, you will make a memorable first impression with your postcard, invite or announcement.

Matching Envelopes

We offer matching A-style envelopes for most of our papers. To print individual addresses for a wedding invitation, you will need to set up the file yourself and upload a multi-page PDF file with each individual address on a separate page. Email us if you have any questions about setting up your envelope file.