Square Business Cards

We print a lot of really thick square business cards
Choose from a variety of beautiful textures, finishes and shades
Choose from a variety of beautiful textures, finishes and shades
Get ready to change the way you do business (cards)



Square Business Cards on Thick Paper

• Extra-thick Premium stock in a variety of finishes & textures.

Free Shipping on all Orders (1-3 days anywhere in U.S.)

• Variety of square sizes to choose from (2″, 2.25″, 2.5″ and 3″).

• Add Edge-color to any of our stocks for a unique square card.

• Custom Sizes available. Click Here to Email Us.

Start Order: Premium (20-36pt) Start Order

Create a unique business card. Let potential customers know you are creative and think outside the box? Print square business cards on any one of our super thick papers available in a variety of textures, finishes and shades. Our PREMIUM (formerly ‘Extra-thick) papers range from 20-36pt. Our CLASSIC (formerly ‘Thick’) papers range from 11-18pt. Not sure which thickness to use?  -Don’t worry, just Click Here to order our Free Sample Kit.

Premium vs. Classic:
Our Two Thickness Options

• Premium (20-36pt) about the thickness of a credit card.

• Classic (11-18pt) thicker than from your local print shop.

It’s never easy to show thickness and texture of paper online. This is why we offer a Free Sample Kit. Square Business Cards look great on all our available stocks from Uncoated Matte such as Finch Smooth and Classic Crest to our textured papers like Mohawk Superfine and Via Felt. Order the sample kit to get a full sense of our products & services. Click Here to order our Free Sample Kit.

Start Order: Premium (20-36pt)Start Order: (Classic)

Our Focus: To offer the widest variety of thick papers

Our thick papers are available in a wide range of textures, shades and finishes from our thickest uncoated 36pt Mohawk Superfine Eggshell which has a subtle wove texture, very similar to the shell of an egg, to our 35pt Classic Crest which is a very smooth matte uncoated paper. Both are equally popular and perfect for a high-quality business card. We also have the heavy textured 33pt Via Felt which is similar to a cold-pressed watercolor paper and one of our staff favorites, the 27pt Classic Linen which we feel has redefined and reimagined that resume/cover letter paper you may remember, though have never seen quite like this. We also have a metallic sheen, pearlized paper which has reflective shimmering particles in the fibre of the paper to give a unique look that works great as a square business card. And of course, there are our customer favorite brown kraft recycled papers which come in Desert Storm (a light brown with flecks and fibers) and the Grocer Kraft (a darker brown similar to kraft wrapping paper). With so many papers to choose from, we strongly suggest you Order our Free Sample Kit. which includes samples of all our Premium and Classic papers. 

Start Order: (PREMIUM) Start Order: (CLASSIC)

Premium Thickness (20-36pt)

Classic Thickness (11-18pt)

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