Ten NY Startups Working at Former IBM Campuses

Ten NY Startups Working at Former IBM Campuses
June 1, 2018 Chris Yoo

We are THikit, an e-commerce print shop that moved from the NYC area to Kingston in 2015. As you can guess from the name, our specialty is printing on super-thick paper stock; we make high-quality business cards and postcards that are a secret weapon for graphic designers and creatives across the country. If you’re in the market for something new for your business cards, request our free sample kit to see what we have to offer.

We’re one of at least eleven unique startups and small businesses that call (or will soon) the old IBM campuses between Endicott (now called Huron Campus), East Fishkill (now called iPark84) and Kingston (now TechCity) home. We’re proud to say that we’re thriving at TechCity; we recently completed an expansion where we almost doubled the amount of space that we’re using. With some craftiness, we even repurposed some old IBM doors into work tables!

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1. Antilogy

TechCity, Kingston NY

Our newest neighbor at Tech City is Antilogy Design, which is a high-end, custom t-shirt company that works with lots of local businesses in the Hudson Valley. Outside of our region, they’re also making waves in the skateboarding and streetwear space; for example, GX1000 is one of the brands that they work with.

2. The Farm Bridge

TechCity, Kingston NY

Previously known as Farm to Table Co-Packers, The Farm Bridge provides retail food production services to over 50 regional farms and food entrepreneurs at a 30,000 square foot kitchen at TechCity. They help connect the food producers with institutions and large organizations in the Northeast, and provide co-packing services so the product can get to consumers in more places.

3. Kingston Athletics

TechCity, Kingston NY

A Crossfit gym and yoga studio, Kingston Athletics moved to TechCity in April from another location in Kingston. It looks like the high ceilings and open floor plan are ideal for busting out some AMRAPs.

4. Hudson Valley Harvest

TechCity, Kingston NY

HVH was founded in 2011 by four entrepreneurs who were working out of the corner of The Farm Bridge’s (then known as Farm to Table Co-Packers) space in Tech City; in 2014, they moved across the parking lot into their own space. There’s a lot of synergy between the two groups, and HVH focuses on serving as an aggregrator and distributor, handing “all production, distribution and sales, taking on much of the supply chain risk off of the farms.”

5. Imperium3

Huron Campus, Endicott NY

In October 2017, New York state government announced that Imperium3 (which is a group of three businesses grown in the Southern Tier and seven businesses from elsewhere), would establish a $130M operation at the former IBM campus in Endicott, NY. It’s called a “gigafactory,” where they’ll be focusing on researching, developing and producing lithium-ion batteries. In February of this year, it was announced that their timeline for getting started has been accelerated to a mid-2019 opening.

6. Innate Movement Parkour

TechCity, Kingston NY

Since opening in 2015, Innate Movement Parkour has grown steadily, moving from The Jungle on Route 28, to the Shirt Factory in midtown Kingston, and in January of this year, they opened up a new 3,300 square foot space at Tech City. During the warmer months, if you see people leap-frogging and wall popping around the city, they’re probably connected to the studio in some way.

7. Loud Hailer

TechCity, Kingston NY

Loud Hailer is a digital communications startup that provides “connectivity solutions and alternative ways for people to communicate.” Two examples are hyperlocal engagement apps for what they call Connected Cities: Providence, RI and Columbus, OH. Once downloaded, users just have to enable bluetooth to engage with businesses and organizations that are nearby as they travel around a city; no cell service necessary.

8. More Good

iPark84, East Fishkill NY

More Good is a beverage company which will be manufacturing hand-crafted syrups and mixers at a 9,000 square foot space at the former IBM campus in East Fishkill, to be sold both online and in a physical space on Main Street in Beacon. A piece of synergy between the East Fishkill and Kingston IBM campuses; More Good is a new vendor at the Kingston Farmers Market on Saturdays.

9. New York Heartwoods

TechCity, Kingston NY

This sustainable furniture and lumber company has operated out of TechCity for over two years, and was founded in 2011 with the intention of using wood from dying and and diseased trees from the Hudson Valley to upcycle material that is usually chipped, burned or landfilled and into beautiful, lasting wood furniture and custom designs. They donate 5% of their profits to forest conservation and urban forestry programs, and their products were just featured at a Wanted Design event during NYCxDesign.

10. Sloop Brewing Company

iPark84, East Fishkill NY

Earlier this year, it was announced that Sloop Brewing Company was receiving a combined $565,000 from the NYS Regional Economic Development Councils to help fund their expansion and relocation to the former IBM East Fishkill campus, to create a whopping 26,000 sq. foot brewery, tasting room and event space. It’s anticipated that the tasting room will be open sometime this summer. Sloop, whose original space is located in Elizaville, is already making friends in Dutchess County; one of the first announced events at their new space is going to be a Tattoos and Brews convention in October, in partnership with Graceland Tattoo in Wappingers Falls.

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