Postcards & Invitations: Premium (20-45pt)

Postcards & Invitations: Premium (20-45pt)


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Our PREMIUM thickness creates a show-stopping, eye-catching and unforgettable postcard or invitation. Print with or without Edge-Color for a truly unique card. Not convinced? Click Here to order our Sample Kit

Our “Premium” Ultra Thick Features

How Thick are we Talking?

Our “Premium” papers range in thickness from 20-45pt, which is 2x, even 3x the thickness of a standard postcard. These papers cannot be folded, are hard to bend and when you hold them in your hand, we are confident you will no longer look at a postcard the same. These images give you an idea on the thickness, but if you want to hold them in your hand and see for yourself, we suggest ordering our Free Sample Kit.


Quality of our Printing

Quality Printing on our thick papers is very important to us, which is why we do not gang-run print any order (gang-run printing is where multiple jobs are printed on the same sheet to save on production costs). Your invitation, announcement or postcard is printed on it’s own, which helps with color control and overall quality of printing.

We use one of the top-of-the-line 4-color (CMYK) HP Digital printing press on the market today. Digital Printing allows us cost effective pricing on both small and large quantity jobs. <strong><a href=”“>Order our Free Sample Kit</a></strong> to get a clear sense of the quality of our thick products.

Add Edge-Color

If you want a unique postcard that will make a strong first impression, then add Edge-Color to your Premium invitation or postcard order. Edge-color is where we paint the edges of the thickness of your card, choosing one of our standard edge-colors or creating a custom CMYK or PMS color. With Edge-color, your card will have an additional detail that will definitely grab the attention of the recipient of your card.

Choose from our standard edge-colors or we can create a custom edge-color to match your graphic. We can closely match any CMYK or PMS color. View our portfolio of edge-color cards or read more about The Edge-Color Process.

thick postcards, thick invitaitons
thick postcards, thick invitations