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  • Apr272018

    7 Lesser-Known Business Card and Postcard Options That Get “Wow” Reactions

    One of the biggest joys of specializing in printing for creative professionals is showing designers what some of the high-end…

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  • Mar292018

    How Six Businesses are Standing Out With Thick Square Business Cards

    At a conference or networking event, it’s possible for attendees to walk away with a thick stack of business cards.…

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  • Jan232018

    11 Hudson Valley Graphic Designers & Businesses Who Print Thick

    Our thick business card printing startup moved to the old IBM campus known as Tech City in Kingston in 2015.…

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  • Dec272017

    7 Business Cards That Use Animals to Communicate Their Values

    We assign a lot of intangible human values to animals, so when it comes time to create a brand that…

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  • Nov282017

    Why Unique Business Cards Aren’t a Luxury; They’re a Necessity.

    It sound old-fashioned, but “dress for the job you want” still applies today; it’s even backed by science. Business experts…

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  • Oct202017

    The Story Behind 8 Thick Kraft Paper Business Cards

    There’s something special about kraft paper business cards. The recycled, natural-looking paper gives an impression of craftiness, of being unvarnished…

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  • Sep272017

    8 Thick Geometric Business Cards for Design Inspiration

    If a picture says a thousand words, a business card can say ten thousand about a person. Subtle choices ranging…

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  • Aug312017

    12 Bold Typographic Business Card Designs

    Business cards don’t have to be just another expense; by exploring creative possibilities in design and craftsmanship, you can actually…

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